Green is his being, all that He is.
Cares for the Forest, becomes the Trees.
Loves the Sun, and meditates in the Shadows.
He grows and grows never pausing to rest.
Leaves, Vines and Fauna are his flesh…
roots are legs, branches arms, a smile made
of Oak leaves, and his breath sweet as honeysuckle.
Praise be high to the Greenman….
I can count on him to awaken my desires.
Oh Greenman, how I wish you could stay all year long,
for all of my days.greenking


Today I am Free!

Thanks to all that made it happen….
You have my utmost respect and appreciation.

With humble respect, I am including ‘me’ for this achievement too.

For I had imprisoned myself as well.

Live, Laugh, Love!

“Live, Laugh, Love!” WE ARE ONE, We are ALL Relations!!!! ♥
Changes, happening all around us. Savor these moments Beloveds, and celebrate them together with great elation! For these are the days and nights of transformation, expansion and ascension!

We are finding our way to each others hearts and through that vessel of love… we will know our wholeness, our unity. Continue to surge forward, and Dance the Dream alive! There is much work yet to be done, rest not, now we have the momentum!!!! Keep true to the course and move beyond the fears of the unknown for the future is not yet written.

The past let it fall away from you gently. Honor the memories, & give thanks for all the lessons. Ask for new ones to come to you gently, swiftly and with love. Gather and share your feelings with those you love remembering to show those feelings with your actions as well. Bring gifts to ones you love and respect, just out of caring and the generosity of your spirit. For we are all abundant!

Summer is in the position of the South on the Medicine Wheel. We Thank You for your generous bounty, for the birth of a new time. Thank You Grandfather Sun for the gift of another beautiful day to experience things anew! Thank You Grand Mother Moon for your big, beautiful face lighting our way in the darkness, and for showing us the cycles of life.

Coyote lives in the South on the Wheel as well! She has turned upright on her feet, and that Old Trickster, the “ruler” of that contrary behavior that we lived under for so long, is now passing away! So Thank You Coyote for the lessons of how NOT to be! Now, let them be gentle and filled with joy! Purge us with laughter so fully expressed tears fill our eyes, and cleanse our souls of stress, pain, blame, guilt, anger, judgment, our attachments, and our sorrows and most of all our fears! Remind us now how to play again, and not be so serious any longer

So, celebrate my Beloveds, the Sacred Rainbow Hoop is healing as we face ourselves, and one another, and journey together out into the light!

The White Buffalo that are being born tell us Peace is here and we need to honor the feminine, & shift into our compassionate and nurturing natures. Come together in Unity and Community and blow the rest away with a breath of kindness. Send prayers up in the smoke to Great Mystery and intend the outcome that is the best for all our Relations!

Thank you to all who hold the space of peace, love beauty and light for healing in all forms on this planet, and caring for the planet itself…. our Mother Earth, our Home. Thank You Maka, Mother, for all your gifts and sacrifices. MAY WE KNOW NOW HOW TO RESPECT YOU! Thank You Tankashilah, Grandfather, Great Spirit for watching over us and for our lives! Thank you to the Ancestors, The Elders, The Totem Guides and The Spirits for your teachings and protection! Thank You to the Dancers, those of the Sun and all others for your sacrifices and courageous hearts! Thank You Dreamers, Story Tellers, The Heyoka, all forms of Medicine People, Pipe Carriers, the Akicita <the Warriors, Light Workers, and to The Four Winds. To all that was, Is, and ever will be for the Highest good of all! Thank You to all of life!

Mitakuye Oyasin. <We are ALL Relations. Hetch etu Aloh! <It Is So, Indeed "Amen"! ♥ ♥ Aho! With my deepest heartfelt love and respect,
"The Rev." Talon~Earth Song Woman & SW woof

Pack Pride

Have pride in your pack!

They are trying hard to achieve greatness!

Wanting to please the Alpha, is not always an easy task.

Remind them remaining individuals, is an important part of strengthening the family unit too.

Each is needed for the special talents, and gifts only they can do. That makes the pack a stronger unit.

Tell them that without every one of them present & doing their part, they would be weaker, and incomplete.

Lone Wolves live a much shorter life, and a comparably miserable, & tougher existence!

Let them know that they need to be responsible for their own behaviors, and work as a team with you as a guide, director, and conductor… a ‘part of’ the pack… never above it.

Remain humble, and vigilant… walk your talk.

A leader has no place, if she has no one to lead.

Be the leader YOU would most want to follow by telling those who come to you for advise, that they matter… and without them, there is no you.

Be Proud of Your Pack….. and remember to tell them always, that you have “Pack Pride”.

(trying this again, without the picture)

Here is a lesson shared with me. ❤ “Transformation” ❤ Which of the 4 phases of the Butterfly are you in? Allow yourself the time required to go through each stage completely, and gently. Proceed with strength & courage, they will assist you in breaking through the Chrysalis when the time comes. Becoming who you truly are, fully self~aware and giving generously the gifts you are meant to give the world…is what is to be> for each of us! It also gives permission to those around you, who seek the same thing, giving them an example. You are placing yourself into the world, sharing your purpose for the highest good of self, and all. We are all needed for who we are, and what we can share. ❤

Grow Love

Take Time to Grow Love.

Tell All your Beloveds, how much They mean to you. SHOW them, they are Treasured. Do Not Wait.

Reach back to Others, reaching out in need.
Elders, Children, Veterans, Homeless and The Ill.
Criminals too….. for they are Suffering, and Human too.

Giveaway generously, to your Community.
Keep Your Environment Clean, and Healthy.
It is ALL our ‘Home’.

Visualize Healing, Peace & Joy always….everywhere.
‘BE’ this in your own Life.

Cherish and protect Earth & All of Life, for the next 7 Generations. All are connected.

Eat consciously & Give Thanks to ALL of your Food, the Growers & Care Givers, for their great sacrifices.

Respect every Animal: Four Legged, Winged and Finned ones, Reptile as well> They are also ‘gift’s for the Children.

See Beauty all around You, it is here, it is now.
Show it Gratitude.

Know you are Perfect, as ‘You’.
Allow Life to Happen.
Let the Goodness Ebb & Flow.
Breath in LOVE,…………..
Exhale the Suffering, Surrender it!>>>>>>>>>>>

I Love YOU My Beloved, and I Cherish each Moment
You Honor me with Your Caring Attention.

Thank You For Always Remembering,
To Grow Love.

“T”/Talon~Earth Song Woman

Heal the Sacred Hoop
Spring to Summer, Autumn to Winter….
Follow it round.

Dawn to Noon, Evening to Night….
Follow it round.

Fire to Water, Earth to Air….
Follow it round.

Yellow to Red, Black to White….
Follow it round.

Eagle to Coyote, Bear to Buffalo….
Follow it round.

Illumination to Innocence,
Introspection to Wisdom….
Follow it round.

Conception to Childhood, Adult to Elder….
Follow it round.

Spark to Life, Learning to Passing….
Follow it round.

We are All Relations….
We are The Rainbow Nation….
We Circle The Tree of Life….
We Heal The Sacred Hoop….

Follow it round.

With Love, Respect, & Humility….
My Gratitude to the Teachers,Elders, Ancestors,
and Akicita Societies.

Thank You for your Wisdom, Guidance, Strength, Protection and many Sacrifices so that we may better live in Balance, Unity and Peace.

Mitakuye Oyasin~Aho!
Talon ~ Earth Song Woman

Hearts of the Spirits

As a teacher who uses her own experiences, and personal stories to draw from to deliver a lesson, a message to those who seek understanding, and inner peace> I must remain open and be vulnerable in order to be true to myself, and honest to my students….I am willing to reveal all sides of myself in order to share these truths, as I request this from others as well.

It is a risk I am willing to take to be perceived as “weak” if that is the way some see it. I feel no threat from them or my ego to convince them otherwise….it is not how I view it, and I know who I am so there is no need to defend it.

So here is another lesson I would like to share with you all.

I am not, nor have I ever been accustomed to having to pursue a man. I have made bad choices, and ended up in very hurtful relationships because of it. Sometimes when something comes easy to you, there is still a lesson to be learned. “Goodness”, requires earning it sometimes. And what may appear to be handed to us, can bite us later like the Coyote I speak of often!

Other times, we feel we need to fight for what our heart wants, it may be that it is required of us to try harder for this relationship than those that came to us so effortlessly in the past! And if it is a fight, we may need to recognize either they are not the right one for us, or it is not the right time for this love to be in our life….or the right “lifetime”, for us to be together, in love!

We meet another, and in an instant, our heart takes wing. We may feel as though “this has happened before!”. No matter which way it goes, if they fall into loves abyss with us or not, we still feel drawn to them in a powerful way beyond the physical attraction we may feel! Something within our spirit, recognizes their spirit!

“Signs” may appear throughout the relationship that create a compelling argument that we are ” meant to be together”….. urging us to continue to pursue this person’s heart.

It’s important to show respect for their desires, or lack of them, as well! Not to impose our selves on another, and respect boundaries or we risk being misunderstood as being “desperate”, or even “obsessed”!

Sometimes we cannot stop the feelings that are drawn up in us, and no matter how hard we fight them, they will fight back, for they are just “there”, and insist on remaining.

If our love lingers alone, unrequited, we have to find a way to move on and live our lives without them in it at this level. Make peace with it, move on, and hopefully, we find love again one day.

There is such a “someone” from my past that still haunts me.
He visits my dreams, and is integrated into my being.
Although we are apart physically… we will never be separate, spiritually.
We are one eternal.

Even though I have moved on, and found love again,
I will always have a special place filled with love for the one of which I speak now, and forever remember, “his touch, his kiss, his warm embrace”.

Maybe it will be in our next lifetime, that he will recognize me in a way that brings us together again, in love, to stay.

Until then, I will be waiting.

Set Free!

Yes, this truth may hurt………and yet> if the truth will set you free…. then it will set others free….. yes? Yes!

Then we can be released from our own suffering, and they can move on to seek out others for their lessons, and follow their path no matter what that is for them. We must remember this> Nothing is forever it just changes form.

We meet each other to learn from, even the contrary ways of being, doing and having. So, if a person’s behavior etc. is toxic for you, you would be better served by “getting” the lesson that it is healthier to move on… and you are done learning from them, or/and trying to “help them”, in this lifetime.

It is an admirable trait to want to assist some one who is unhappy, or negative to find their joy. When they are obviously suffering, you want to lift them up and out of there gloom and doom attitude. However, when the one you are “helping” does not receive the gift you are trying to offer them, let go and allow them their lessons without your influence. 

Keep the lesson in your awareness so you will not repeat it by drawing in another toxic person to replace the one you let go of!

Always advise and encourage yourself  in the same ways you would another. If someone was in your  mocco~shoes… what advice would you give them? To stay around some one that no matter what you do or say, they continue to behave in this manner? Are you expected to stick around, suffer, and continue to take the abuse, or even try to “fix” them any longer? Or…….???

You know the answer, seek it out, it is within you.

If you feel you do not have the answer…..connect with “source”. Ask your Guides, Angels, Allies and Ancestors for assistance. Ask the Teachers, Healers, Medicine people, and Elders in your life for advice if you feel lost, or that you cannot bear to lose these stressful ones as your “friend” (or a family member!).

YOU deserve better than to allow another to mistreat you, disrespect you and your needs, or clog up your environment with their negativity!

I have been both of these people, I can admit. We all need to work on staying balanced. No matter how much we may be “enlightened”, stuff happens. We need to get back on the right track, and make amends when and where we can. Then choose again; to be happy?…be miserable?, or worse….ALWAYS NEED TO BE RIGHT?!

Or if in your case you insist on being a “martyr”, do it for the right reasons! Not to sacrifice yourself for one who doesn’t “get it”, and may not even see themselves the same way, or that it is an issue at all! They may even be unaware, that they are unaware!

It is your choice, and your life. Either way you choose, you are not “right”, or “wrong”, that is a judgment!

They are just possible ways of being.

May peace, and all things that bring you Joy be yours!
Sincerely, Talon~Earth Song Woman